A recall

“It’s today, i came here last year, for the first time.”
Suchi, had a sip from the mud cup of about an inches, in volume and said softly.
I love every gestures of her, in every situation, she moreover adorns her self, just as i sketch in my conscience. It’s benevolent that, neither i couldn’t completely understand her till now, nor i am able to find how she can, in my case.
“yeah, and time just zapped out just like that”
I had another deep puff from the cigarrate, and clamoured “an omlet, fry it deep, am hungry dilip da”
“we made another good place for us too” i replied to her.
By the time we got intense in our discussion about life and recalling memories, it came to the end of twilight. The sky seemed red and burning, the clouds heavier and darker, the sun as if a ball of burning red magma been hanged on. We had a bunch of sunset memories till then, another one got it’s count. But the thing which gets changed every time we see after long intervals is the Ganges. I would preferably call it an unholy River, after the observation that i made from regular beholdings. The water level gets higher and higher, even the local people who lives in baghbazar also have same sayings.

One year back……….
I asked Suchi to meet me at Shyam Bazar, on a Saturday day, a couple of days after she arrived in town. We both were pretty excited to share up things with each other. It’s been four months she returned from her college. Right on time at four in the evening she gave a call after she got up in a bus and i got ready and kept waiting for the bus to come at the bus stand, near my home (that’s what the route to Shyam bazaar is through my home) and we met in there.
Traffic was slow because that’s the time when people comes back home from their office. But still we got right on time, before the sun was about to set. Its one of the same repeatable things i don’t find anything monotonous about, it’s splendid and beautiful.
Suchi and me, we both drink tea, and prefer it to be perfectly made, quite a few times a day. It’s refreshing and having absolutely no harm according to me. We got into a tea stall as usual. A nice, lively man, of around his late sixties, with a humble smile, asked us whether we are taking small cup of tea or a large cup, undoubtedly out of his experience he knew that we hold on there for tea and cigarrate. Every 10 rupees for a large tea are purely heavenly satisfying not only to the tongue, it hits right to the soul.I was hungry at the same time too, so was suchi, and demanded omelets. Which later became our staple at dilip da’s tea stall. He came and sat before me and asked how i was. He knew me from before had, cause there were a group of people who used to discuss about rock and roll and heavy metal music in that same stall and i was a part of them. We both had a nice adda with dilip da and her wife, till now its an essential for us, whenever she comes back here in holidays.

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