A Script from the Frontline

To my dear fate,

And now they are talking about about you, when uptight and determined to deploy. Instead of knowing my dad wont return or even survive at Warsaw , they sacrificed an important and experienced sergent from 1st battalion of the Russian infantry regiment. He did not fear death, rather used to cheer with death, every often.

Before his deployment, he visited us in a home front camp tent ,at Rzeszow, about 250kilometres from our home, where my mom and sister , neighbours and thousands of other people, and wounded soldiers and citizens used to live. I won’t even recognise my home and our locality cause it was bombed by the nazis, amid an air raid, and now almost levelled the town. We left home four months back in an horribly horrifying evening,on siren of danger, minutes before the raid started, i wont forget. Mom was downstairs cooking rotten potatoes because the food supply truck got bombed the week before, so we had to wait for the next week.Water was limited, and nearly impossible to fetch from the chemical concentrated poisonous water of the wells. So, potatoes were the only food and beverage also, to have. Mom and i used to boil the potatoes for bit longer time after getting boiled so that the juices come out which will give a bit relief to our thirsty throats, in heated winter.

Everyday at a particular time for a couple of hours, firing get ceased, and the only time to get out and arrange for the needs, or to meet people. On a time like that, when the war was on reassess, dad came, with a worried face, not i have seen in these years. His eyes full of hope, anger, strength and sorrow. Quite a lot hair turned white in these two years, since war. A stubborn mouth, bewildered to utter a word. He hold me tight, embraced me, broke into tears.

The last thing i remembered was smoke, debrises, sounds of terror from the sky and again black smokes. I was in the army hospital, our camp was air raided. I couldn’t see my family ever after.

With hope and love,
Yours Andrey

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